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Whatever Became of …?

March, 2013.

Whatever became of the cast of CNN?

Soledad O’Brien

The “Prison Lady”, famous for grilling her guests on her short-lived morning program, got a job working  at an actual grill, becoming the assistant cook at the Sonic in Newark. Order up, Soley!

Piers Morgan

This fellow has returned to his native home in the Ozarks, resuming  his previous career in moonshining.  Buford Ledbetter( his real name) managed to pull off a convincing British accent for years enabling him to fool “them TV folks into givin’ hisself a right cushy job.”

Wolf  Blitzer

Blitz retired after the election and can be seen in Central Park with his acquaintance Keith Olbermann. Wolf loves to feed bits of bread to the squirrels, while Keith tries to wrest the bread back from them. Seldom catching the little guys, Olby will shout at them, pronouncing them “The Worst Squirrels in the World!”

Anderson Cooper

 Losing all his money on Facebook stock, Andy got a job with a real network. He is an assistant on The O’Reilly Factor, in charge of writing complimentary letters to The Factor and signing each with a different name and town.©


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