Apostrophe Jones

I am a lineman for the county , and I drive the main road .

Cavalcade of News-Big Eddie Style



The Rules:

A few suggestions for the Donahue associates for the new year. ( By suggestions, I mean: do this.)

1)  Be polite to everyone, especially coppers.

2) No more picking pockets in the city. This means you, Slats.

3) When pulling a job, don’t call each other by name. When Blackie gets out in ’14, remind him.

4) Be cool at all times. Just be like Big Eddie.

5) Never eat Chinese food at a mall food court. It’s horrible.

6) Don’t let no dames trip you up. There’s plenty of ’em.

7) No need to let them Washington dinks get your Irish up. They’re grifters like us, just on a bigger scale.

8) Don’t nobody drive my ’46 Packard. I don’t like it and it’s starting to lose that new car smell.

9) If (when) you get nabbed, have your alibis ready. For example, “It was my evil twin, officer.” or ” I got hit on the cabeza and got Magnesia, so I don’t recall nothin’ (like Hillary Clinton)” or ” I had a bad childhood. My Maw used to hit me with a bat.”

10) Don’t leave no fingerprints. ©




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