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Late Night

Late Night Talk Shows   With the talk lately  about hosts,ratings and time slots for these programs,I have the answer.Remove all these high paid comics.Many others can do the job for far less money,and they won’t complain about what time the show starts,or they’ll be back waiting to go on at Yuk-Yuks in Detroit.You have to do this across the board,so all networks will start equally in the ratings.Jimmie Walker,Corbett Monica,Morty Gunty,Milt Kamen ,London Lee,Carrot Top(well, maybe not CarrotTop-too expensive)to name a few, would work.Shelley Berman and Sam Kinison would not turn this gig down.In fact who would not watch Sam Kinison interviewing Paris Hilton?”I can’t stand it anymore,AH…AHH…AHH!”An all new late night lineup at a fraction of the price.

2 Responses to “Late Night”

  1. Myron Cohen says:

    A show like this I could do.Don’t even need guests.Some of my stories I could tell.

  2. Jackie Mason says:

    I love Myron,but a guy like that every night?Too Jewish.And I say that as a Rabbi. Better the Tonight Show starring Jackie Mason.

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