Apostrophe Jones

I am a lineman for the county , and I drive the main road .

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A little about our company : AJ International has offices in over 60 countries , with highly competent associates from every continent ( although we’re keeping an eye on that Antarctican kid )  . We here at AJ Universal Headquarters are on the job 24/7 ,unless one of our favorite shows is on or we don’t feel like it. In many interviews we’ve been asked “What is this all about ? What are your convictions ?”  .”None “,we answer ,” 16 arrests, No convictions “. Let them scrabble in the dirt for answers , like we did , till their fingers bleed . But we’re not bitter about the weeks of struggle . We have a peaceful mind and a caring heart and thoughtful eyebrows . So , we’ ve got that going for us . We at AJ Global Conglomerate believe in giving back , but only if we are caught and are instructed to by our legal team . So we thank you for reading our story , and hope that we at AJ Interplanetary Federation can be of service for many years to come . And now ,it is time for us to finish our coffee. ©  

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  1. Bunsen Psychiatric Group says:

    Mr. Jones -We want you know it will be alright.We have a team ready to come and help you . You just need to want to be helped .

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