Apostrophe Jones

I am a lineman for the county , and I drive the main road .

TV Shows

Bonanza      One of the best. Paw Cartwright and his four sons : Adam , Eric , Little Joe and Hop Sing ran the Ponderosa , which later became a steakhouse (in competition with one named Bonanza) . They would ride into Virginia City often to get into trouble . Adam would do one of his folksongs , Eric (Hoss)  would lift something , Joe would get shot in the arm once a month ( or into a  fight every week) . Paw would look for a new wife , but he was avoided by most of the town chicks who knew better  .I will do detailed reviews of each of the 430 episodes as I anticipate the demand for this information .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Kojak            A beautiful TV show , baby. Lt. Theo Kojak has been cleaning up the Manhattan South Precinct for years and it must be almost crime free now . Kojak drinks a lot of coffee and chews on lollipops ( always throwing the wrapper on the ground ).We love ya , baby.      

The King of Queens      All right you mugs , Edward G. here .This TV show is set in my territory , see ? My mob ran all the boroughs in this town. Hooch , vending machines , the numbers , we had it all . I remember when this guy Columbo and his gang tried to muscle in on me . It was a battle for sure , but I just want to say if you wonder why Rico Columbo and a bunch of his hooligans disappeared back in ’37 , well , I don’t know nothing about it , see ? So that’s my review of this show . What ? It was cancelled ? Rubbed out ? Erased ? Nyah .

2 Responses to “TV Shows”

  1. Victor Sen Yung says:

    Mr. Jones-I would have liked to have heard more about Hop Sing Cartwright as I believe he was an integral part of this TV family. Hasta La Vista,Vic

  2. Ray Teal says:

    Sheriff Coffee was really important to the town of Virginia City as he had to deal with that land-grabbin old man Cartwright and his consarned trouble-makin’,beer swillin’,side-windin’ gang. Sincerely,Ray P.S. Ben Cartwright was also a dry-gulchin’,yellow- bellied,lily-livered so and so and a good friend of mine. Also high-falutin’,preacher-lookin’,same clothes wearin’…

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