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Stephen Seagal


 Stephen Seagal    What do you say about a legend ?  Seagal,one of the Big Three (Seagal,Norris and Van Damme) Acting Giants of Straight to Dvd movies has been doing great work for many years . Did you see Under Siege 2 where about 40 minutes in , Stephen shows mild concern on the upper half of his face when he runs out of bullets ? In all of his films , he makes it plausible to have a ponytail even if you are a policeman or an FBI agent . The actor Jim Brown has said of Seagal “That dude is good”. No matter how many awards Seagal receives in his career , praise from your peers is the best .   

Earth vs. the Spider      This 1958 movie is fantastic . Teenagers find the “dead” body of an eight foot spider in a cave . So , naturally they bring it to their high school hop as a curiosity . The spider is revived by the rock and roll music at the dance . It terrifies the town while moving at a speed of maybe one mile an hour . The sheriff won’t leave his office , but warns people by sticking his head out of the door and yelling . I won’t say how it ends , but it involves electricity . Look for Skip Young and Hank Patterson .   


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  1. Wesley Snipes says:

    What ? This is funny?Steve and Chuck and the other guy are my role models.

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