Apostrophe Jones

I am a lineman for the county , and I drive the main road .

About A.J.

This is to tell you where I’m coming from . It is a small village in the Midwest . We villagers all wore the traditional costume of our people-coonskin caps , black socks , sandals , etc. We were a happy folk , living on a diet of rye bread and rye toast . We danced the jota around the fire each night , while the Elders played the bongos of grooviness¬†. But then one night they came . The vampires . They fell upon us, and it was unspeakable. So ,I speak of it no more . ¬©

5 Responses to “About A.J.”

  1. Raymond J. Johnson, Jr. says:

    When they handed out brains, Old A.J. was a county or two over. I knew that boy weren’t right when he asked me about the birds and bees. Thirty seven years old. Turned out he was talking about a Georgia Southern-Georgia Tech basketball game.
    By the way, you can call me “Ray”.

  2. A.J. says:

    Well,Johnson,when I need some advice from a guy smoking a cigar wearing a wide brimmed hat and a Zoot suit,I know where to look.Thank you,Mr. Johnson.

  3. Raymond J. Johnson, Jr. says:

    Getting insulted by a guy who buys his clothes from Leisure Suits of Loganville is kind of like being called ugly by Joan Rivers. A few years back, I walked in on AJ arguing with his TV. And, the test pattern was winning. Actually, I like old AJ. I just wish he would give up his obsession with getting “My Mother the Car” reruns to replace Leno at ten p.m.
    And, you doesn’t have to call me “Johnson”.

  4. A.J. says:

    Kind of like batting practice,eh, R.J.?

  5. Clarence Rutherford says:

    Does your mom know what you’re doing?

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