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I am a lineman for the county , and I drive the main road .

The Internets



 Univac Jones

Keyboard Jones


The Internet is a vast frontier composed of hundreds of websites.  We at AJ will bring you the best of the lot.  Our staff computer experts, identical cousins Keyboard Jones and UnivacJones, will head the AJ team bringing you all the essential web sites:         





www.moonpie.com  This is the main source for Moonpie information in the universe.  You can find the official history, recipes, directions (unwrap pie before eating) and apparel.  Need a Moonpie t-shirt for your high school reunion?  Here you go.          

www.google.com  The google.  A place to go for which to look stuff up at.  However, it may be watching you.                                                                            

www.uglymailbox.com  Excellent place for mailbox conneisseurs.  They actually have very beautiful mailboxes on this site, like the one where a guy duct taped a jar to an empty mailbox stand.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

www.lileks.com        Excellent source of information on matchbooks, diners , motels .         

One Response to “The Internets”

  1. Roscoe Fink says:

    Thank you,Jones cousins.I’ve been looking for just this kind of expertise.However,the one of you that wrote the Google info may want to go back to grade school for one more week of English class.

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