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I am a lineman for the county , and I drive the main road .

Chippy the Puppy

Chippy was a happy puppy who loved to run and play in the fields in a land far away. The boy who owned Chippy loved his puppy and let him run free because it was safe in his neighborhood. Then something happened and it was not safe for puppies any more.

Puppies began to disappear after a boy named Barry from a land far away moved in. Barry had big teeth and his round tummy always looked full. One day Chippy did not come home and the boy was sad. He cried himself to sleep that night and for the next forty years as he looked for Chippy every day.

Giving up on Chippy’s return, Chippy’s owner moved to another land and soon had his own children. He told them Chippy’s story, weeping as he told the tale. His kids had wanted to visit the leader’s palace in their new land. Chippy’s owner worked hard and saved and one day he was able to afford the trip to the capital city and make his children’s dream come true.

When they arrived, Chippy’s owner found out that the leader had ordered the palace closed to the people of the land. While they were standing sadly at the locked door, a familiar face looked out at them. The man with big teeth laughed and laughed at their tears as he abruptly turned and walked away.

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