Apostrophe Jones

I am a lineman for the county , and I drive the main road .

A Day in the Life of an Extremist Lib


Get up at the crack of noon.

Look out front window for racists.

Watch FOX while lighting up first of sixty cigarettes and guzzling first of 24 beers.

Write down all of FOX’s lies and make note of racists appearing today.

Burp so loud that neighbors call the cops.

Call cops racists, even though you’re a white guy and they’re white cops.

Tune in to MSNBC for some information about Republican racists.

Take evening nap and dream of giving racists at grocery store such a slap!
You can tell they’re racists by the way they dress, with their fancy shoes and all.

Wake up in time to catch the Evening Newscast featuring Jon Stewart.

Another successful day is done! Time to pass out on the floor.

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