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Cavalcade of News – Big Eddie Style

The arrogant , incompetent King Barack Obama is much reviled by Republicans , many Democrats , and much of the world . He can solve his competency problem and the answer is right under his nose . Well , his chin , since he usually aims his noggin back and looks down at his “enemies” .

The solution is to replace the ridiculous Biden with Rep. John Dingell . He has been a Congressman since December,1955 . He took over the district in Michigan from his father , who had held the office since 1933 .   78 years of Dingell rule has made this Detroit district the boomtown that it is today ! Dingell has spent almost his entire life making laws for the commoners , and he has to be a supreme master of the process .

This man can restore the aura of competency to Obama’s Campaign Headquarters ( formerly the White House). Longtime lawmakers like Charlie Rangel and John Conyers should replace the corrupt Eric Holder and Steven Chu . ©

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