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I am a lineman for the county , and I drive the main road .

The Society Page of Greenville

OO-ee .  Summertime and the livin’ is easy in Greenville town . … Before long , the urchins of our town will be a-headin’ back to the schoolhouse . They’ll be attemptin’ to learn the three C s again this year : cipherin , chalkboard erasin’ , and chicken management . Schoolmarm Agathene Beaudreaux has requested we remind the younguns to bring the usual school supplies : a couple of inkpen writin’  sticks , a chunk of writin’ paper , and a chaw for Agathene . …The Grocery Mart has asked me to remind you that the sale on Ace Possum Helper is still going on and they want you to stock up , since they have a crapload of it . …Pops the fireman wanted to mention that he’ll be on vacation all next week and the Greenville County firehouse will be locked , but the keys to the door and the firetruck will be under the mat , in case any of ” you consarned hicks can’t be careful with your grills for one lousy week ” .  Stop by the diner this Thursday as celebrity chef Giada something will be filming an episode of her TV show where we  will prepare an Italian – style possum loaf . mm – mm . ©

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  1. Giada de Laurentis says:

    Zeldene , looking forward to working with you on Thursday . Could you do me a favor and pick up 2 large tubes of toothpaste ? I like to brush my teeth before each show , and as you may know , I have more choppers than a barracuda .

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