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I am a lineman for the county , and I drive the main road .

Larry’s Corner

Larry here . With the news of my upcoming ” retirement “, I want to let my  ” fans ” know about my upcoming ” plans “. …Do you know what’s great on a Ritz cracker ? … Well , do you ?… How come nobody names their kid Morty or Augie or Shadrach anymore ?… I plan to release a videotape of ” highlights ” of my many hardhitting interviews from the last 25 years . .. Remember 25 years ago , when the Coca Cola Company tried to change the formula ? … The bastards . … I remember when I asked actress Shelley Long ” So , why are you still on that TV show Cheers ? You’re a movie star .”… I asked football player O.J. Simpson ”  So , do you think you’ll get your souvenirs back from that collector ? They’re yours , you know . ” … I asked Richard Simmons , ” Do you think you’ll ever meet Miss Right ? “… Only a few  “celebrities ” were able to stand up under my withering questions . …Those were the lucky ones . ©

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  1. Charlie says:

    My cousin Mortimer Snerd, III is the exception that proves the rule. I don’t know what that means but I love saying it. Of course, he isn’t the brightest nickel in the change drawer. He still gets nightmares from when the Wicked Witch set the scarecrow on fire. Which reminds me, say hello to your sister for me.

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