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The Swami

July 1962 . Ring a ding ding . Hey guys , The Swami is playing at the Sahara in Las Vegas for two weeks . They’ve got The Swami doing a hypnotist act in the lounge . The Swami’s opening act is Lumpy Brannum , who mostly plays the spoons . Lumpy dresses like a real Harvey from Farmville . Will be talking to The Swami’s agent Sid about this because this is not the type of gig The Swami digs . Sid is treating The Swami like a Jeanne Dixon- type monkey act .Luckily ,The Swami’s wife ,Cindy Swami , did not join him on this trip as she is a drag on The Swami’s Clyde . She stayed back at the pad while the Swami is playing Charley ShowBusiness . The Swami is not the type of Melvin who hangs around the pool during the day . The Swami prefers to hit the golf course at the Desert Inn . They have no performer’s discount , so he must pay the full $4.50 fee . But , it’s cool to play where Bob Rosburg  and  Art Wall have played so many exciting matches . After his show , The Swami likes to cut out down to the Sands to catch Peter Lawford , who appears with some other cats . The Swami will predict that Lawford’s talent will be the stuff of showbiz legend for all time . ©

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  1. Shelley Berman says:

    Welcome to town , Swami baby . I want to warn you about that Lumpy guy who’s working with you . The guy is a broad-magnet . When he sings “Picking up Paw-Paws “, the chicks go nuts . Don’t let him cramp your act . Oh , if you get Vegas throat from the dry air , my cousin Zeldene from Greenville has a cure . Just drink cups of possum broth as hot as you can stand it . Good luck ordering that from room service .

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