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I am a lineman for the county , and I drive the main road .

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J.Walker,Texas Ranger

 The West is a magnificent sight : mountains , valleys , deserts and some tough little towns full of law abiding citizens . When they quit abiding , I go to work . I carry a badge. (And an extra shirt , some moseying around money and my lucky pack of melted grape Lifesavers).Rode into the town of Agua Fria one day . I was on the trail of Texas Red ,who was a notorious gunslinger and Marxist from the New Mexico Territories . Parked my horse Larry on Main Street . When fishin’ for word on a lawbreaker in strange territory , always do it quiet-like . After all , you don’t stir up dust around the chuck wagon . Walked into the saloon and offered the barkeep two bits for some information . He said “Make it three “. “Three bits” , I scoffed , “You want 37 and a half cents ?” “Okay” ,he said ,” a dollar “. Guess I showed that sidewinder . Bartender pointed out the perp sittin’  in the corner , wearing handcuffs . At the table with him was a fella dressed in black . Told me his name was Cartwright , Adam Cartwright . Bounty hunter and former rancher from up north . He was taking Red in for the reward .” Good work “,I told him . In fact , dy-no-mite  . ©

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